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"Our new Google project, here in Oklahoma, will help us continue to provide fast, reliable and innovative online services to our users and customers."

"The assets that we found here at MidAmerica Industrial Park are an outstanding fit for our needs."

"Many factors contributed to the decision to locate at MidAmerica, including the strong infrastructure and the excellent team from the Park, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, and other local agencies who worked with us to make it all possible. Also, we believe Mayes County is a location where our operations, capital expenditures, and jobs will be a great fit and have a positive impact on both the community and the State of Oklahoma."

Lloyd Taylor
Former Director of Global Operations, Google

"MidAmerica has finally taken its rightful place as a leader in Oklahoma's millennial quest to leap forward in economic stability and growth. It is an Oklahoma success story. If you don't believe it, grab a Gatorade, power up your internet and Google 'MidAmerica Industrial Park.'"

Clarice Doyle
Former Editor, Claremore Daily Progress

"The critical factor today in industrial site selection is energy, energy, energy. Oklahoma is an energy power. Low utility costs. Cheap reliable electricity. That's why Google has invested here in a big way in Pryor. Very recently in Oklahoma the state Legislature passed a bill setting a goal to have 15 percent renewable energy by 2015. Oklahoma is joining states ahead of the curve, recognizing the goal toward green energy but they are smart because they aren't mandating anything. There are no penalties applied so it doesn't hurt the business community. So the state has that going for it. That's very important in this economy because of looming cap and trade legislation."

John Boyd Jr.
Principal, The Boyd Company

"With its large size and international reach, MidAmerica is an obvious leader for regional economic development in northeast Oklahoma."

"Many business leaders will say that regional services and amenities, and infrastructure in the broadest sense are crucially important, but a talented and innovative workforce is the most important ingredient in a competitive world. The industrial park has a highly capable workforce – otherwise MidAmerica would not be the great success that it is today."

Paul Risser
Former Chancellor, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

"For the most part, Red Devil is obligated to deliver two things: quality products to its customers and good returns to its shareholders. Oklahoma provides the best setting to achieve both objectives."

"We take a lot of pride in our caulk facility at MidAmerica and we hope to leverage those operations by locating our headquarters within the general proximity of the plant. Oklahoma has been good to Red Devil and we look forward to expanding our business in the state."

William Lee
President / CEO, Red Devil

"We were attracted to MidAmerica because of the low operating costs that we found there and finding an existing building that would suit our needs. We also liked Oklahoma's business-friendly environment and the assistance we received from MidAmerica's leadership in helping us work out all the details."

John Cantrell,
Former President, Power Soak

"MidAmerica Industrial Park's Administration has won admiration from economic development professionals throughout the country for the success they have had in diversifying the industrial mix. Of the nearly 70 industries in the park are representatives from a wide spectrum of manufacturing sectors. Additionally, the MidAmerica population includes businesses of all sizes – primarily small to medium-sized companies."

Stratton Taylor
Former President Pro Tem, Oklahoma State Senate

"As I have said many times before, being located at MidAmerica has many benefits. However, the number one advantage is the employee base – the work ethic and heart of the people."

"Our MidAmerica facility is the most effective in the entire system – for production as well as delivery. Often this plant is chosen to deliver product that logically should be delivered from another facility. The reason is – the MidAmerica plant is so efficient that even though the product must be shipped further, it is still cost-effective to produce and ship from here in Pryor."

"Throughout the Chevron Phillips system, the MidAmerica facility is known as the "can do" plant. It is because of the people – the people who run the park and provide the infrastructure, the people who provide the power and utilities, the people who run and work in the support service companies in and around the park, and the employees of Performance Pipe. We all strive to be at the top of our game. We all work to be the best."

Shawn Spears
Plant Manager, Performance Pipe – A unit of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

e following is an excerpt from the "Super Sites Revisited" article published in the Summer, 2004 edition of Southern Business & Development magazine:

"With a comprehensive economic development package designed to meet every possible industry need, this Southern super site is sure to continue attracting the world's top companies."

"MidAmerica offers industry everything it needs right on campus. Two workforce development institutions have training facilities onsite. The OSU Institute of Technology center, a branch of Oklahoma State University, specializes in skill development for high productivity advancing or leading edge technologies. Often described as Oklahoma's secret weapon, the free Training for Industry Program takes place onsite at the Northeast Technology Centers."

"When it comes to utility infrastructure, MidAmerica is tough to beat. Three electric utilities have onsite power generation facilities and natural gas providers also offer highly competitive rates to park industries."

Mike Randle
Editor & Publisher, Southern Business & Development

"We knew MidAmerica was the right place for us from the beginning. We realize it even more now. A huge plus we did not count on when we located at the park was the opportunity to partner with other companies in the area. We are very fortunate to have such talent...as our neighbors."

Dalton Babineaux
Former President, American Castings

"If a manufacturing company had to pick just one U.S. location for their operations, MidAmerica Industrial Park would be a good one."

"MidAmerica is ideally located for those firms with a limited number of distribution centers or manufacturing facilities due to proximity to population centers."

"The site also holds appeal for firms engaged in reverse logistics that are looking for a way to reduce transportation costs to ship electronics or appliances to a plant for warranty repair or reconditioning and then ship the product back to the consumer."

"MidAmerica should also be attractive to companies that must supply Wal-Mart and other "big box" stores in the region on a one-day basis. The park would also be a good site for Tier One and Tier Two auto component suppliers that must deliver goods to a collection of auto assembly manufacturers in what may be described as MidAmerica's �just-in-time' zone."

Ian Wright
Nuvecta Logistics Research

"I think that MidAmerica is in a good position to see a real growth in warehousing and distribution because of our central location to so many major markets that can be reached in a day. And, warehousing here is a lot cheaper than Dallas or Kansas City."

Roy Hamill
Hamill Trucking

"Sanders Mitchell and his Trustees are among the most progressive and farsighted Board that we have ever worked with to foster economic development. They think long-term and strategically about the future."

Dr. Robert Klabenes
Former President, OSU Institute of Technology

"In 1976, a pilot plant was built in Niagara Falls to test the production viability of the patented process. A group of manufacturing experts was assembled to oversee the project and begin to design a full-scale plant. Part of the design work was to select a site for the plant."

"The group looked at various locations throughout the country and selected MidAmerica Industrial Park based upon several factors, including its central location, low utility costs and the availability of a solid work force."

Travis Mileur
Former Plant Manager, NORIT Americas

"Oklahoma is on an upward swing, and one of its jewels is MidAmerica Industrial Park..."

Claremore Daily Progress
An excerpt from "Steady Progress," an editorial in the May 26, 2004 edition of the newspaper

"MidAmerica has a competitive advantage to recruit new businesses here and supply them with employees with advanced technical skills. The park is the benchmark for other parks across the nation."

Dr. Leo Presley
Former Director, Workforce Oklahoma

"Our new RSU campus at MidAmerica is something new for Pryor. We wanted something the community could use. There's a full complement of educational resources here and we are very grateful to Sanders Mitchell and the MidAmerica board of trustees for the vision in making that happen."

Larry Rice
President, Rogers State University

At 9,000 acres, MidAmerica is one of the nation’s largest industrial parks, strategically located at a northeast Oklahoma crossroads.

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