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Vibrant and robust economy nurtures success.

The evidence is in: Diversity and basic sector strength make Mayes County the right choice for future growth. Both people and businesses are striving and thriving in an economy that’s providing both stability and expanded opportunity.

Strength and stability in basics: The vitality of the County’s basic (non-local) sector, including a manufacturing sector that comprises 40% of the annual payroll, offers an excellent foundation for growth—particularly given the percentage of Global / Fortune 500 firms operating at MidAmerica. Sector diversity is another asset, with sectors ranging from food processing to paper manufacturing to chemical and fabricated metal manufacturing to foundries to data centers. Come grow with companies like Google, DuPont, AIRGAS, Buzzi, American Castings, NGC Industries, Norit Americas, Berry Plastics, Performance Pipe, Red Devil, SYGMA, Grand River Dam Authority, HEMsaw and RAE Corp., to name only a few of MidAmerica’s over 80 businesses.

Strong local (non-basic) growth has also kept pace. Retail and construction each make up approximately 11% of annual payroll, with Esri studies showing great potential for local retail expansion.

Strength in numbers: Other indicating figures also point to a healthy economy, such as a low unemployment rate and a large percentage of skilled workforce as evidenced by the designation of Certified Work Ready Community.

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MidAmerica Industrial Park has an on-site regional business jet airport with 24 hour self-service fueling stations.

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