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Aligning workforce strategy with business objectives

Source: Tulsa World

The competitive advantage of every employer is its employees. They are the companies greatest asset and, in some cases, its greatest deficit when skilled labor is in short supply.

At MidAmerica Industrial Park, we recognize the intrinsic relationship between job creation and workforce preparation. Quite simply, the very future of employers is reliant on the ability to recruit and retain workers with necessary and specialized skillsets.

More than 20 engaged partners are working hand-in-hand to identify and overcome gaps in the education-to-workforce pipeline. By aligning a regional workforce strategy to meet and exceed the business objectives of more than 80 employers, MidAmerica Industrial Park focuses on both job creation and the development, attraction, and retention of employees.

Employers, educators, and civic leaders want to ensure students can learn here, work here, and live here – all while advancing his or her career.

What our initial research found was a growing number of students struggling to manage his or her transition to employment and businesses that are desperate for new workers.

Moreover, private-sector businesses are challenged with navigating the abundant public sector training resources available, such as, Gov. Fallin’s Oklahoma Works program, Career Tech, public schools and post-secondary education providers. Taking inventory of training programs and formalizing partnerships, means MidAmerica Industrial Park plays the convener role, which includes developing a business model and plan for sustaining programs long-term.

The strategy is a new demand-driven approach and relies on lessons learned from innovations in supply chain management.

Employers no longer wait for the right employee with the right skills to find the open job, instead, employers are now vocal and engaged as “end-customers” of education and workforce partnerships. The results are stronger career pathways and better-prepared workers.

The following six pillars serve as the principal cornerstones of the workforce strategy:

The need to close the skills gap through demand-driven education and workforce systems has never been greater.  The strategies of yesterday cannot be the strategies today and today’s strategies cannot be tomorrow’s.

The challenge of improving the alignment between what is learned in the classroom and what is needed in the workplace must be met by those who have the most at stake: members of the business community. 

Located at the junction of US Highway 69 and US Highway 412, MidAmerica is near some of the nation's most highly-traveled thoroughfares.

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